The Secret to Success in Life and at Work

When was the last time you wondered – what do I need to need to do to be successful in life? Today, Isobel Rimmer, Founder of Masterclass Training will share the secret to success in life and at work.

When we think of the word ‘agility’ we usually think of nimble, the ability to move around […]

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Leadership Skills: Sky News Debate Cameron vs Miliband

The prime minister and the labour party leader have participated yesterday, Thursday 26th of March, in the election debate and we are really happy to have been part of it. Isobel Rimmer, founder, Director and a lead trainer of Masterclass discussed with Jeremy Thompson the leaders’ body language before the debate.
As a pundit view, Isobel […]

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Leadership and Management: Building a healthy workplace

Job environment is essential if we want to be successful in our own business. Besides having the necessary tools to achieve the main goals, the workplace is an important ingredient we can’t overlook. It is very highly valued fact for our employee.

Perhaps it seems that is something strictly unnecessary, or something that we can do […]

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Communication skills: Starting your online business

Not necessarily a good idea brings success. If we talk about business, it happens strictly the same. Not every great business plan reaches the expected goals. Eventually, this happens more often that we think. What we try to say is that every idea, every different idea, new idea has behind it a lot of work […]

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Bespoke Training: Does the future of business lie in soft skills?

When you hear the term‘soft skills’, what comes to mind?
Easy skills that can be acquired by everyone? Simple life hacks that are of little importance? A way to describe skills that are not strong enough to have an impact in the business world?

Soft skills are worth £88 billion to the UK economy and unless these […]

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Why Are We So Afraid of Change?

How do you feel about change? Is it something you embrace with open arms? Or is it something that you tend to shy away from?

Change is something that we have to deal with in our everyday lives, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. Sometimes, a change can be full of exciting opportunities, […]

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Why Presentation Nerves Aren’t All Bad!

No one likes giving presentations. It’s a well-known fact. 
What if you mess up? What if you talk too fast? What if someone asks you a difficult question? WHAT IF YOU FORGET YOUR WORDS?

As many of you will have experienced, presentation nerves and anxiety are enough to send anyone over the edge. But what if I […]

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