Welcome to MasterclassTM

    Our training, coaching and mentoring programmes are tailored to meet your needs to tackle your organisational challenges effectively.

    To find out more, please call us on +44 (0) 1753 676666.

    go digital

    go digital

    Masterclass can tailor your training delivery method to be constructed around the most up
    to date online meeting, conference and webinar platforms giving you the ability to develop your teams from anywhere in the world.

    training workshops

    training workshops

    We work closely with our clients in creating training programmes to satisfy their specific needs. With over 50 trainers and consultants worldwide,
    we provide professional and expert solutions to your organisational challenges.

    by telephone

    by telephone

    Our dedicated teams are always on standby, or available to schedule a phone call with training delegates whether it be inclusive
    of delivering a training programme or a simple enquiry.


    At Masterclass, we are committed to
    delivering the very best in training,
    coaching and people development.

    Whether you are looking to introduce a
    company-wide change programme or
    leadership initiative, create a world-class
    sales organisation, provide coaching for
    your most challenging executives or
    simply refresh your peoples' skills with
    bite-sized and innovative training,
    we should be talking.


    Executive Coaching
    and Mentoring

    Sales and Client

    Leadership and


    • BNP Paribas
    • Red Hat
    • Hertz
    • DLA
    • Royal Borough Kensington
    • citrix
    • PWC
    • Hanson
    • Lindt
    • NHS
    • Ricoh
    • LFB
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    Many of you may have already attended one of our extremely popular HR Forum webinars, or you may have even attended one of our in-person events! Due to the excellent feedback, we have received on these webinars, and the strong interest we have received on our corporate membership, we would like to bring to you our very own HR Forum Community!

    Join now and discover our new interactive platform!