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Why is ‘Presenting with Impact’ Important?

For many people “presenting” fills them with dread – so much of our work is helping people to overcome nerves and apprehension and be comfortable in whatever speaking situation they may be.  Providing a solid structure to plan and prepare and showing them how to rehearse takes away much of the anxiety.  They are then in a position to let their personality and natural style shine through.

Masterclass™ Training developed the training programme ‘Presenting with Impact’ to train professionals in any organisation shine and deliver impactful presentations. If your teams are in need of freshening up their presentation skills or simply need help overcoming presenting nerves then this training programme is ideal for you, contact our sales team for more info.

We have also developed a video series for individual use, available for purchase below.

Presenting with Impact Video Series

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What will you get for the video series?

Learn simple techniques that you can apply straight away in any presentation situation – whether speaking to small or large groups and that are equally relevant if you are working online or doing a virtual presentation.

Our Presenting with Impact Video series consist of:

  • 10 Videos
  • Total time: 45 mins
  • Purchase for SINGLE USE only
  • Presented by Isobel Rimmer, Executive Coach and Trainer at Masterclass for 25 Years.

Isobel will share with you:

  • How to deal with resistance or a difficult audience
  • A ‘Back of an Envelope’ method used by hundreds of professional speakers and business people to get a clear structure and plan.
  • Handle questions with confidence (even when you don’t know the answer)
  • Techniques to overcome nerves, get your voice working, look confident, have gravitas and charisma so you can deliver with impact every time

Training Programme: Presenting with Impact

Learning outcomes of this programme

By the end of the programme, participants will:

  • Know how to plan and prepare (at short notice) a presentation that has a clear structure, flow and logic
  • Have practiced every stage of a presentation – from introduction to summary, close and question and answer sessions – so that they can confidently deliver well
  • Have explored ideas and approaches to make their presentation powerful, impactful and memorable – for the right reasons

Training workshop content

  • Structure, preparation and planning – the key to success
  • What do you want the audience to go away thinking, feeling, saying or doing?
  • Who are you speaking to? What are you looking to achieve? Analysing the audience.
  • Delivering with impact – voice, posture, body language – overcoming nerves
  • Handling difficult audience members or resistance
  • Dealing with questions professionally
  • How to add interest to your presentation