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Announcement – Strategic Partnership in the USA

Masterclass is proud to announce a new strategic partnership with the USA – AchieveMasterclass


Masterclass has joined forces with Theresa Caragol of Achieve Unite to promote a range of programmes to drive increased revenues, margins and market share based on the new ISO44001 International Standard on Collaborative Business Relationships.


The ISO44001 standard is designed to improve the […]

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Business Development Webinars

How to get past the Gatekeeper


Achieving Valued and Progressive Customer Sales Calls and Meetings

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Pesonal Development Webinars

Presenting with Impact – Mini Taster

Put Power in your Presentation

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IT Skills Webinars

Pivot Tables Explained

Create a Simple Analysis on Excel – Mini Taster

Macros in Excel Explained

Dashboards in Excel Made Easy

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Management Skills Webinars

Time Management

Time Management – How to deal with ‘Time Robbers’

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The Leadership Challenge Webinars

LPI 360 – A Leader’s First Step to Achieving the Extraordinary

The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership –An Introduction to the Leadership Challenge

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The Leadership Challenge: Ten Commitment of Leadership

Might be possible to teach about Leadership? The answer is “Yes”.

Kouzes and Posner – authors of The Leadership Challenge – have been working on this area for more than 30 years and they still believe that we have assumed management is the only skill in which we can be trained. That’s why, there are a […]

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Bespoke Training: Does the future of business lie in soft skills?

When you hear the term‘soft skills’, what comes to mind?
Easy skills that can be acquired by everyone? Simple life hacks that are of little importance? A way to describe skills that are not strong enough to have an impact in the business world?

Soft skills are worth £88 billion to the UK economy and unless these […]

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Kevin Alboni pens second report for Benchmark event

Following on from his report from The Leadership Challenge, Kevin has written another piece on the recent conference, From Adversity to Breakthrough Performance

After a successful first report, following up onThe Leadership Challenge event in September, Kevin was invited back to attend and pen another piece on the conference, From Adversity to Breakthrough Performance: Embracing a […]

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Isobel and Martin Rimmer fundraise for Maggie’s Centre

The pair took part in Maggie’s Centre Night Hike last week

Isobel and Martin spent Friday 21 September night doing the Maggie’s Centre Night Hike. It was a very uplifting and emotional evening and brilliantly organised by all the great people at Maggie’s.

They took part in the hike in memory of Isobel’s niece, Izzy Fletcher, previously […]

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