The Secret to Success in Life and at Work

When was the last time you wondered – what do I need to need to do to be successful in life ? Today, Isobel Rimmer, Founder at Masterclass Training will share the secret to success in life and at work.

When we think of the word ‘agility’ we usually think of nimble, the ability to move […]

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10 Things to Make a Better Leader with Kouzes & Posner

10 Things to Make a Better Leader with Kouzes & Posner

As a global training partner for Kouzes & Posner, we feel by approaching leadership as a measurable, learnable and teachable set of behaviours, ‘The Five Practices’ have helped many to achieve extraordinary results, and today ‘The Leadership Challenge® Model’ is one of the most recognised […]

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Top 10 Communication Skills

Top 10 Communication Skills
Do you find communicating with your friends, colleagues and superiors difficult at times?

The ability to communicate with one another is crucial no matter what industry you work in. Everyday we communicate with others – in meetings, through presentations, via email, SMS or Twitter, formally, informally. And yet good communication – achieving the […]

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Why The Leadership Challenge?

Published by Wiley in 1987, The Leadership Challenge has been revolutionary new way which changes completely the understanding of being and how train leaders. Created By Barry Z. Posner and becoming an internationally best-selling book, The Leadership Challenge, The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership approaches leadership as a measurable, learnable, and teachable set of behaviours.

“No […]

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How To Deal With Stress Management

Stress can affect most people in their normal lives, but workplace stress can interfere with your productivity and impact your physical and emotional health; the ability within you to deal with it can mean the difference between success or failure.

Signs and symptoms of excessive job and workplace stress

Feeling anxious, irritable, or depressed
Apathy, loss of interest […]

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Leadership and the importance of our voice tone

“Leadership, is it not something about me, it’s something about us”

Based on the “TED Ideas worth spreading” we decipher some keys about what is and what someone needs to become a great leader. The mere fact of being honest, kind or genuinely someone who wants your best is a good candidate to lead.  “Leadership is […]

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Sales Training Tips to achieve productive sales calls

The biggest fear for a salesman is to face up the phone calls. Seems to be the biggest monster to fight and without any hesitation it always wins the battle? Well, it is main fear not only for sales people it is to everyone exposed to receive a “no” after a call. A negative answer […]

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The importance of Loyal Customers: How to make successful sales?

Not only sales brings success. Success is always related to many other facts a bit less untouchable, precise and more emotional, as happiness, desires or even frustrations. Those adjectives are the symptom of how our customer feels either when they see our produce on a TV add or a post on Facebook. It describes their experience […]

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Staging & Communication Skills: All what we need to Present with Impact

Presenting could sometimes cause some troubles on our self-esteem and could be so struggling that in some cases we  couldn’t face it up. It is not fear is even beyond it. “Presenting” plays with us impeding doing normal activities as doing a presentation on a meeting making us having such a horrible time and let […]

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Coaching and Mentoring: The GROW model

‘Coaching is arguably the most powerful method for developing managers’ capacity for leadership.’

Coaching and mentoring are a process that enables to reach a person’s full potential. In the same way, is a group of development techniques focus on enhancing individual’s skills.

So then, what coaching and mentoring cover? And why those techniques could be so powerful?

The […]

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