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The Secret to Successful Collaboration

It’s not actually a secret however; it is one of those areas in the business world that often gets “pushed into the background”. In 2011 if you typed in the word “collaboration” into any of the search engines you would have received 82 million results. Fast forward to 2018 and you will get 172 million hits!  [...]

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Boosting Morale and Productivity: A Positive Working Environment

Having a positive work environment is essential and contributes to running a successful business. Aside from having the correct necessary tools that enables one to achieve organisational objectives, the dynamics of a workplace is one that can easily be overlooked in terms of using it as a way of boosting morale and productivity which for [...]

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Are we Closing in on the Gender Pay Gap?

Equality has always been an important topic for us at Masterclass Training. As an organisation that embraces inclusion regardless of social factors such as gender, religion or race, we believe that pay should be determined by merit and not something you were naturally born with. It is why we have worked with local government authorities [...]

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Rise of the Robots: Remaining Valuable Assets to Organisations in the Future

Are you worried about the security of your job due to the ever-growing advancements in automation? Is automation a threat to the UK’s workforce? Should you really be worried?  – These are all questions we’ve wondered these last couple of years.  Thinktank organisation, Future Advocacy with a speciality in looking at 21st-century policy changes estimate [...]

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Powerful Presence: 7 Days to Make a Difference (The Book)

Isobel (Izzy) Rimmer, designer of the successful and sought after course ‘Powerful Presence’ has been delivering it to organisations, business leaders and prominent politicians for nearly a decade now. This year this on the 30th anniversary of the company she founded, Masterclass Training, she wishes to finally put this course into writing and share its [...]

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6 Simple Steps to Challenge Negative Thinking in the Workplace

Dissatisfaction in the workplace is merely something that we can avoid; we are all prone to encountering some kind of disappointment at work. Understandably, people can be stressed and unhappy for many reasons, including job security, lack of opportunities to develop, perceived failure, uncomfortable change and dysfunctional workplace dynamics. As with many other things in [...]

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10 Components to Improve Your Leadership Skills

For nearly 30 years, Masterclass Training has been delivering Leadership Training to industry giants and public sector organisations – based on this experience; we have listed the 10 components that will improve your leadership skills. Also proudly accredited as one of the only Global Training Partner for Kouzes and Posner's – The Leadership Challenge® and [...]

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The Leadership Challenge®: Can Leadership really be taught?

So before you ask, the answer is - Yes totally! Leadership can be taught, but that is only if you are willing to take on The Leadership Challenge ®.  Flourished out of rigorous research that began in 1982, The Leadership Challenge ® has since been revolutionary in approaching leadership as an observable set of skills [...]

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Can Motivation be Enough to Succeed?

“To win customers and a bigger share of the marketplace – companies must first win the hearts and minds of their employees.” Human motivation is a tough nut to crack; there’s no "one fits all" policies as we are all different with our own goals, interests, beliefs and attitudes, and more of the time, if [...]

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Five Ways Millennials Are Transforming the Workplace

What is the first thing that springs to mind when thinking about Generation Y, the Millennials? Portrayed as a lazy generation and majorly possessive of a sense of entitlement, there is usually a negative association made when referring to them. Nonetheless, they represent a demographic cohort of all individuals born from 1980 – 1995 and [...]

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