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One customer increased revenue by £55 million within 12 months. Another customer achieved the highest ever contract renewal rates in its history – 97% following their Masterplan™ programme. A global outsourcing business used it to close a $1 billion contract.

Masterplan ™ is designed to transform your sales team’s performance. It shows your sales people how to sell the contribution and return on investment that your products and services deliver. Using a proven process they learn how to ask the right questions, access and influence key decision makers and influencers and effectively quality and close every opportunity. Using the approach you can achieve ongoing sales, increased repeat business and deeper client relationships.

Why does Masterplan™ work?

Sales people learn how to sell the value, contribution and return on investment their products and services deliver

Sales managers and team leaders learn the skills of sales coaching so that they can reinforce the training after the event and maintain much higher levels of performance – not only do they support the improved skill set, they help the new mind-set.

Using proven tools, frameworks and processes your sales teams can develop much stronger relationships with their key accounts leading to more business in the future, greater referral levels and loyal customers.

We use metrics to help you measure the effectiveness – whether you are looking to increase revenue, margin, market share, improve bid:win ratios and forecasting accuracy – or all of these, Masterplan™ can help you.

If you want to find out more about how Masterplan™ can help you and your organisation, speak to one of our Account Managers, who can talk in detail about the changes you want to make.

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