Masterplan™ is a bespoke programme designed to transform you sales team’s performance into one of a global class. It will teach your sales team to sell the contribution of your product and services and guarantee they continuously aim to gain a return on investment.

Using a proven process, they learn to ask the right questions to uncover business needs, gain access and influence key decision makers and influencers and effectively close every opportunity. Using the approach you can achieve ongoing sales, increased repeat business and deeper client relationships.  

Our Masterplan™ programme comprises of three different aspects, Businessplan™, Dealplan™ and Contribution Selling™, clients have the option of choosing all three aspects which will provide your sales teams with the best skills and tools possible to enhance their performance or have the option to focus on specific aspects to tackle the exact needs of your organisation.

The Three Aspects of Masterplan™



Businessplan™ enables your sales people to become true business partners with their customers and contribute to their organisational issues.

Businessplan™ shows you how to manage key accounts as key assets. It consists of a facilitated session used to develop a working business plan for key customers. The business plan is developed in partnership with the customer and the focus is on developing key steps to increase market share within the account by demonstrating the Return on investment that your client achieves. 

It provides a standard and repeatable format for establishing:

  • What are the key trends in your client’s marketplace?
  • What are the key priorities facing them?
  • What is their view of your company?
  • What measurable Contribution have they achieved in the past 2 years from your company’s product and services?
  • What are the key opportunities for your company?
  • What areas of vulnerability exist for your customer?
  • What is the senior level contact for this account?
Circular Cycle of Masterplan

Dealplan™ delivers an action plan designed to win a specific piece of business. 

Dealplan™ is an internal process designed to be used on all major deals. It provides a simple method for managing sales oppportunities and includes a step-bystep analysis to establish the actions necessary to win the business.

The process is repeatable for every sale and when implemented, it dramatically improves qualification and forecasting accuracy. 

It covers improving your team’s skills and competences in identifying:

  • Key decision makers and influencers
  • An organisation business needs
  •  Quantification of business needs
  •  Clients/prospects opinions of you
Whilst also helping your teams to emphasise on:
  • Communicating benifits from product or service use
  • Timescales & Budget
  • Your product or service USP
  • What is needed to win

Contribution Selling™

The overall aim of this aspect of Masterplan™, will aid your sales team to:

  • Win higher-value, higher margin business through increased focus on demonstrating your company’s BUSINESS CONTRIBUTION to each customer
  • Developing the confidence in calling high within specific accounts in order to sell your organisation’s real value
  • Developing a standard approach to planning and executing business-focused sales calls
  • Identifying individual strengths and areas for development
One customer increased revenue by £55 million within 12 months.
Another client achieved the highest ever contract renewal rates in its history – 97% following their Masterplan™ programme