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Sales and Client Relationship Management

This training programme is designed in collaboration with key stakeholders of organisations we partner with. The main purpose is to share best practices and ensure a consistently excellent level of service is delivered to clients.

This programme focuses on the key skills involved in relationship building, communication and dealing with ‘difficult’ situations to ensure everyone leaves our workshops with having refreshed and refined their existing skills, possess the ability to create stronger relationships with clients and raise their confidence in challenging situations.

Why is Client Relationship Management important?

Clients want salespeople who understand their needs and concerns and that are motivated to serve and support them. Gone are the days of peddling “snake oil”, sales “pitching” or pressing “the hard close”. Today’s buyers protest that as many as 3 out 4 sales meeting make little or no progress – simply because of a lack of skill on the part of the salesperson.

Strong business relationships create loyalty and customer retention since those are both qualities that affect an organisation profitability – our programmes ensure that all our delegates leave with the necessary skills and tools to leverage on those qualities and keep your clients satisfied.

“Isobel, Mike and Eddie were incredible and I’m very thankful for the class and the opportunity to gain these additional skills. Getting the input of a Chief Information Security Officer and to hear their techniques and thought process was invaluable, the instructors were excellent and again having a CISO made the sessions so much more beneficial to my learning.”

Delegate on a Collaborative Business Relationship Workshop

“Excellent course! Great at keeping the attention high without anyone distracted. Many thanks for your time & your commitment during the session to all the attendees – very useful to have discussions with the customer and share his experience and point of view.” 

Delegate from a Business Effective Relationship Workshop

Enjoyed this training session, the trainer had good knowledge and the content and case studies were relevant to my role. This programme was certainly interesting, now we just need to execute. Thank you Masterclass for this great training, I learnt a lot of amazing new stuff that is easily applicable to my job, our sales teams will benefit hugely from this training.  Thank you!

Delegate from a leading Cybersecurity firm

How Masterclass Training can help?

Masterclass Training has pioneered sales training, client relationship management and business development coaching for 30 years. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses grow revenue, profits and market share using “direct” sales channels – business to business (B2B) and business to consumers (B2C) as well as “indirect” channel sales.

Today top sales performers combine real business acumen, exceptional communication and admirable client relationship. Through effective questioning and listening, they build trust at every level within their client’s organisation. They referral rates are high because they truly understand the importance of delivering value, contribution and a return on investment. They are genuinely seen as “trusted advisor”.