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Isobel (Izzy) Rimmer, designer of the successful and sought after course ‘Powerful Presence’ has been delivering it to organisations, business leaders and prominent politicians for nearly a decade now. This year this on the 30th anniversary of the company she founded, Masterclass Training, she wishes to finally put this course into writing and share its success in an easy to follow book.

Her motivation for creating this book stems from her own ordeal and fear of having to speak up in professional settings such as networking with total strangers or having to introduce yourself with an ‘interesting fact’ –In reality, not many enjoy being asked that question.  Isobel has now learnt to do it without breaking a sweat and to enjoy it; she subsequently decided to create a course with easy techniques to help plan and prepare and manage nerves and deliver with impact.

It’s not to say she doesn’t get anxious anymore, but by following the techniques of ‘Powerful Presence’ she has been able to keep those nerves under control and has given her the ability to build confidence and gravitas when speaking or presenting in any situations.

The techniques Isobel will share in Powerful Presence: 7 Days to Make a Difference have been used on radio, television, job interviews, multi-million dollar sales pitches, conference calls and on political trails by personalities in the public eye and Fortune 500 companies such as Hertz, DLA Piper, BNP Paribas and many more. Organisations have used Powerful Presence to develop their main asset their employees; to become the best in their respective industries, to better their presentation skills by developing genuine gravitas in them.

Each month Isobel would love to hear your stories and experiences apropos to fears or challenges you may have encountered when speaking in front of an audience – regardless of the size, this could be a one to one with your manager, pitching to clients or giving a speech in front of thousands. Isobel is keen to hear all your stories and you may have the chance to win a free copy of Powerful Presence: 7 Days to Make a difference and your story featuring in her book. To share your stories and experiences, simply email: PowerfulPresence@masterclass.co.uk and Isobel will personally get back to you.

To stay up to date with progress on the book, make sure to follow Isobel on:

Twitter: @IzzyMasterclass

LinkedIn: Isobel Rimmer

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