Job environment is essential if we want to be successful in our own business. Besides having the necessary tools to achieve the main goals, the workplace is an important ingredient we can’t overlook. It is very highly valued fact for our employee.

Perhaps it seems that is something strictly unnecessary, or something that we can do another different day, “anyhow, we are extremely busy with our daily duties we can think in deep about this little, little things”, but we can image that can cause some damages on our staff . When this happens, when the physical environment becomes just a mere aspect in our daily day, which in fact, doesn’t play any important role, it starts to affect on how our employees interact or, for instance, carry out their task causing more severe damage than expected.

We can define the physical environment as an important work aspect  that affect directly in the interpersonal communication and the productivity of our employees. Moreover, it is just maybe something we have never thought about and in a first sight could be… maybe less important? Well, actually the physical aspect of the workplace or basically the main characteristics of a room, for example, have important consequences in our employees. This is because aspects as lighting, ventilation or even acoustic environment can make some damage that affects on our health and, in terms of working, employee’s productivity. Some recent research has found out that lighting and other factors like ergonomic furniture have a positive influence on employees’ health (Dilani, 2004; Milton, Glencross & Walters, 2000; Veitch & Newsham, 2000). People that has better job conditions feel better so consequently work better.

Not only this, other researches show that closed office floor allows to staff an important amount of privacy than an open plan office. Working in a private space helps to be focused on the tasks without getting distracted with any noise (Mwbex, 2010). So we can increase our productivity and our staff motivation as well.

Knowing all this aspects it’s getting easier  to think in clear. We just need a few seconds, a few minutes to think in the most objective way:

Is it our office comfortable? Are we doing well? Do we need to make some changes? and, which ones?

After our own quick analysis, we need to dig deep on it; make a routine questionnaire to our employees could help us to know how they feel developing their job duties on the workplaces.

Don’t worry about doing it! You are not pushing people to answer you!

Create an impersonal questionnaire could be more productive, otherwise our employee could feel in some way attack or just forced to do it and the results are not going to be real.