22 Feb 2018
11:00 - 12:00

­­­Join us for an hour long webinar titled HR Forum: Religious Dress in the Workplace, presented by Jason Braier, a barrister from Field Court Chambers who specialises in employment and discrimination law and Catherine Wilson, Client Project Manager at Masterclass Training.

This seminar will offer you the chance to understand the approach the domestic and European courts and tribunals have taken to discrimination and human rights claims concerned with restrictions on wearing religious dress.

During this seminar you can expect the following points to be covered:

  • A summary of past domestic case law on religious dress.
  • The Court of Justice of the European Union decisions in Achbita and Bougnaoui – what did they decide and will they impact on how employment tribunals decide religious dress discrimination claims?
  • The European Court of Human Rights decision in Eweida in regards to wearing religious jewelry in the workplace.
  • The presenter’s tips on how best to deal with any religious dress issues in the workplace.


Barrister’s Biography 

Jason Braier, a barrister at Field Court Chambers, specialises in all aspects of employment law and has a particular interest in discrimination law.  His recent cases in the sphere of religious discrimination include:


  • Successfully claiming it was indirectly discriminatory to refuse to give a religious Jewish woman a job when she informed the company she could not work on Saturdays;
  • Persuading a national hardware company to change its dress code policy to make clear that Sikh employees could wear the Kirpan under their clothing; and
  • An ongoing discrimination claim concerned with a refusal to allow a religious Muslim employee breaks to pray at religiously appropriate times during working hours.


Jason delivers regular seminars on discrimination law and writes widely on the topic, including for the Discrimination Law Association’s Briefings and for Daniel Barnett’s Employment Law Bulletin.


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