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Sales and Client Relationship Management

Why is Client Relationship Management important?

Clients want sales people who understand their needs and concerns and that are motivated to serve and support them. Gone are the days of peddling “snake oil”, sales “pitching” or pressing “the hard close”. Today’s buyers protest that as many as 3 out 4 sales meeting make little or no progress – simply because of a lack of skill on the part of the sales person.

Strong business relationships create loyalty and customer retention, since those are both qualities that affect an organisation profitability – our programmes ensure that all our delegates leave with the necessary skills and tools to leverage on those qualities and keep your clients satisfied.

Feedback from our delegates

"Very informative. A light, friendly atmosphere was maintained throughout the day which made it enjoyable. Personality type topic was very useful.
Easily the best sales training course I have ever taken, bravo and well done! One of the best (and most challenging) sales training I have ever attended! Well worth the time & investment.
“Best sales relationship/soft skills training I’ve had in nearly 11 years”
  “Excellent tools + techniques”

Sales and Client Relationship Management as a Training Programme

How Masterclass can help?

Masterclass Training has pioneered sales training, client relationship management and business development coaching for 30 years. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses grow revenue, profits and market share using “direct” sales channels – business to business (B2B) and business to consumers (B2C) as well as “indirect” channel sales.