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Executive Coaching and Mentoring

How we define ‘Coaching’ at Masterclass Training?

“Unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their performance. It is helping them to learn, rather than teaching them.”   –  John Whitmore, Coaching for Performance

Coaching and Mentoring with Masterclass Training

Coaching and mentoring is the most powerful way to achieve and maintain peak performance. Using the skills of our business and executive coaches we can unlock the full potential of your people.

Our coaching and mentoring services are designed to help organisations and the people who work in them be more effective and productive. It could be a question of skill – a need to refresh or update what they know. It could be around confidence – how to deal with difficult situations or different people. It could simply be about challenging existing ways of working, looking at new approaches or different options.

Business and Executive Coaching can be used to great effect – busy executives who need to prioritise their work, talented individuals who need to make a “step up” into a senior role, individuals who want to have a more positive impact when with others.

Feedback from coaching and mentoring sessions

Learned how to be more confident in my decisions. To realise that I cannot save the world. I am more aware of the diversity of behaviours and adapt my behaviour to other styles. In terms of my insecurity I realise I have to increase my resources to deal with this and do the best I can.
The coaching has brought objectivity and the opportunity to have someone to bounce ideas off. I felt supported and able to talk at a deeper level and get a different perspective. It has brought clarity and structure in to my thinking.
The coaching helped me understand my strengths. It has given me a more structured way of working and introduced me to new ideas and it has really made me think.

Coaching and Mentoring as a Training Programme

Masterclass Training also provides training programmes in order to help create a coaching culture within the heart of organisations, research shows that people are more engaged, more positive and more likely to perform at their best when they are actively encourage, developed and supported by their managers or supervisors.

Over the years, we have created numerous bespoke training programmes with the objective to create an environment, through conversations that facilitate the process by which a person and teams can move toward desired goals in a fulfilling manner.

In our programmes, we equip delegates with the right tools to leave having learnt how to pose effective questions, listen and observe and provide feedback.

In addition delegates are expected to learn:

  • The skills required in order to become a great coach
  • Structured approaches to effective questioning
  • Different questioning techniques
  • Techniques of listening and observing
  • Gain better understanding of barriers to active and focused listening
  • Styles and techniques of providing and receiving feedback
  • Use of models to structure the coaching and encourage coachee to take responsibility
  • Handling objection techniques
  • Goal setting tools techniques for setting objectives