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Kevin Alboni’s report featured on Benchmark For Business

After attending The Leadership Challenge conference, Kevin penned a post-conference report

Kevin attended the The Leadership Challenge event, with Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner, in London on 19 September. Following the event, he wrote up a report documenting his experience at the conference, which provides an interesting insight into the day. Since writing his report, Kevin […]

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William’s Fund

William’s Fund was established in 2001 and has since been raising money for the Childhood Cancer Research Fund, raising over half a million pounds to date. Find out how to help make a difference.
William’s Fund
Help Save the Lives of Thousands of Children

William’s Fund was established in 2001 in commemoration of William Dodd, whose young life […]

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Ask Izzy

All sorts of different queries come in about training and personal development. Here are two that appeared recently in the magazine:

“I am keen to develop a leadership initiative into our organisation. The current structure is very “hierarchical” and I am concerned that the current CEO is from the school of thought that believes “leaders are […]

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Effective Management and Leadership Skills – Priming the Probationers

The importance of effective Leadership and Management Skills during times of change.
With increasing pressure on the Probation Service to perform and meet stringent targets, the demands on management are many. Furthermore, constant change within the service has induced an element among staff of “change fatigue” – placing yet more pressure.

The aim of the Masterclass programme […]

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Why Are We So Afraid of Change?

How do you feel about change? Is it something you embrace with open arms? Or is it something that you tend to shy away from?

Change is something that we have to deal with in our everyday lives, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. Sometimes, a change can be full of exciting opportunities, […]

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Why Presentation Nerves Aren’t All Bad!

No one likes giving presentations. It’s a well-known fact. 
What if you mess up? What if you talk too fast? What if someone asks you a difficult question? WHAT IF YOU FORGET YOUR WORDS?

As many of you will have experienced, presentation nerves and anxiety are enough to send anyone over the edge. But what if I […]

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Isobel Rimmer on BBC Radio 4’s World at One

Isobel speaks to Martha Kearney regarding women in the boardroom

On Wednesday, Isobel Rimmer was interviewed alongside Mike Buchanan by Martha Kearney for the BBC Radio 4 programme World at One on the subject of Women in the Boardroom. You can find a full transcript of the interview on Mike’s blog, link here.

The links below provide […]

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