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About Masterclass ™

With over 60 specialist  trainers, consultants and facilitators, we have the strength in breadth and depth to deliver exceptional programmes on a UK, European and International basis.

All our consultants are highly skilled facilitators and trainers and experts in coaching and mentoring – our management and leadership specialists have first hand experience of managing teams and delivering results, our sales experts are “quota carriers”, our coaches’ references demonstrate their worth, our presentation skills and voice specialists lead by example.

We work with you to identify the business and organisational issues you face and what you want or need to change. We look at how you will measure success and what return on investment you want to achieve. Only then do we create and tailor our solution.

Whether you work with our performance improvement specialists, our executive coaches, our sales training consultants or one of our lead trainers, expect a rigorous approach.

Our commitment to quality and our full ISO accreditation means that we monitor, very closely, the quality of our training team and the results that our clients achieve. Like you, we want to know that what we do makes a difference.