Inspiration is the source of everything weird, creative and wonderful, isn’t it? Surely this is a strong enough reason in itself for you to want to inspire your team, right?

We all love to be inspired, but the inspiration isn’t something that comes around often enough. Inspiring your teams is something that all businesses should strive to achieve and although easier said than done; it is something that we should at least try to implement into our everyday working lives. But why is inspiration, so important to your business?

Inspiration has been linked to a number of benefits, all of which can influence how Untitled19your employees perform and how satisfied they are within their job role. Here are just a few of these benefits:

  • Creativity
  • Greater task efficiency
  • Productivity
  • Feelings of purpose
  • Goal Pursuit
  • Satisfaction
  • Positive affect and well-being

I’m sure you will agree that having a creative, productive, efficient and satisfied team is something that all businesses dream of, and more so, as inspiration has been found to predict future satisfaction due to the motivation is evokes; surely this means that inspiring our teams today will lead to a booming business in the future, no?

So let’s do something about it!

What can you do to inspire your team? Our top tips!

Whether you aim to inspire your teams through in-person training, online webinars or through general everyday ideas and strategies; here are some of our useful tips for you to follow:

#1: Make your team AWARE of the opportunities available to them and AWARE of what can be attained if they take advantage of these opportunities.

A lot of employees might not be 100% clear on the steps they can take to progress in their career, so why not spell this out clearly for them?  Research has found that inspiration is more likely to occur when something is attainable to an individual, so be careful when you set targets for your employees as this could have the reverse effect; employees may feel demoralised if their targets appear beyond their ability, so keep this in mind. Once your team becomes aware of their possibilities, they’re more likely to put these ideas into action = results for your company!

#2: Define CLEAR goals.

If you really want to imbue a feeling of purpose within your team, why not review your teams’ goals and help them to strategize a course of action to achieve these? By being clear on what each team member wants to achieve, what they need to do, and what each individual personal brings to the company, you’re more likely to inspire them. As I mentioned before, inspiration is linked to positive emotions and so is a feeling of purpose, so by instilling both of these on your team, it’s got to be a win, win situation!

#3: Give your team an EXEMPLAR to follow – Be a role model!

Inspiration has to be evoked by something or someone  – so why not be that someone? If you model the behaviour you would like to see in your team and you provide your team with great ideas to follow, you could really start to see results! What’s more, it has also been found that those who are inspired are likely to experience feelings of gratitude towards the source of their inspiration – if that isn’t an incentive, I don’t know what is!

#4: Make the content of your training CREATIVE. 

Despite popular belief, researchers have found that creativity precedes inspiration, rather than vice versa. Inspiration is a motivational response to a creative idea, which in turn, can cause even more creativity. So why not make the most of your creative ideas in the office?

Whether you’re training other employees, implementing new programmes or you are even just conducting a team meeting, try to kick start the inspiration process by making the most of your creativity! It has been found that individuals are more likely to become inspired if they appraise an idea as creative, so why not take advantage of this? As we spend the majority of our time at work, it is important that we make our working lives as enjoyable as possible, and if you can jazz up the most mundane tasks with the final result being an inspired team, why not go for it!?

#5: Encourage your team to be more OPEN to experimenting with new ideas and ways of working.

They say if something isn’t broken, don’t bother changing it, but if you can at least make your team more open to trying new ways of working, DO IT. You will really reap the benefits afterwards! Individuals who are more open to new experiences are more likely to become inspired, so try to encourage your team to experiment more, try out new, innovative methods of completing tasks, and embrace new opportunities. Sometimes people just need a little nudge in the right direction; after all, you need to be open to being inspired, don’t you?

Try and inspire your team today, or if you are struggling to do this yourself, why not contact us here at Masterclass? Our training programmes are designed to inspire even the most difficult teams!

Author: Megan Lazenby, Online Marketing, Masterclass Training Ltd