Rise of the Robots: Remaining Valuable Assets to Organisations in the Future

//Rise of the Robots: Remaining Valuable Assets to Organisations in the Future

Are you worried about the security of your job due to the ever-growing advancements in automation? Is automation a threat to the UK’s workforce? Should you really be worried?  – These are all questions we’ve wondered these last couple of years.  Thinktank organisation, Future Advocacy with a speciality in looking at 21st-century policy changes estimate that a fifth of all jobs in the U.K are at risk of being automated. So with Uber having taken the ‘taxi’ industry by storm or the emergence of the company ‘Airbnb’ being the single largest threat to the hotel industry, how can we be sure that our jobs are safe?

We surely are living in the future, with rapid advancements in new technologies such as A.I (Artificial Intelligence), Blockchain and Automation – bear in mind some of these have only just made it to the Oxford Dictionary, new phenomena to many of us they are. These new technologies emerging out of Silicon Valley or major technology centres around the world have been referred to as ‘Disruption’; that word alone says it all if they are a disruption to industries, how are we at presume at an employee level how to remain a valuable asset to an organisation.

As humans in today’s society, we tend to reach a point in our careers where we think nothing more can be taught to us as we believe to have seen or experienced it all. This couldn’t be further from the truth, with the ever-changing form of industries due to technology disruption there is always something new that can be learnt. An important approach we should all take to continuing being valuable assets to organisations is the acquirement of new skills.

Acquiring new skills can the biggest determining factor to the next phase of your career and indeed overcoming automation systems within your respective industry. This can be best depicted in the film ‘Hidden Figures’ when IBM computers were first employed by NASA, the ‘women calculators’ were soon going to find themselves unemployed however they persisted to learn how to remain valuable assets to NASA by learning how to operate and maintain the machines. Rather than being substituted by IBM computers those women instead became assistance to them and had acquired a skill no one else had NASA had. The moral of this story is, with the emergence of new technologies there are always new skills to be acquired and thus we should use this as leverage to remain valuable.

It is one of the many reasons why at Masterclass Training we offer Bespoke and Innovating professional training and mentoring to organisations. We believe that employees are the biggest assets to organisations and should always remain so; we push and always aim for organisations to develop their teams for in return for them to reach potentials they hadn’t realised they were capable of.

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To view the estimated likeliness of your job being automated click on the link below and search by job title: https://www.replacedbyrobot.info

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