Business Development Webinars

How to get past the Gatekeeper


Achieving Valued and Progressive Customer Sales Calls and Meetings

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Pesonal Development Webinars

Presenting with Impact – Mini Taster

Put Power in your Presentation

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IT Skills Webinars

Pivot Tables Explained

Create a Simple Analysis on Excel – Mini Taster

Macros in Excel Explained

Dashboards in Excel Made Easy

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Management Skills Webinars

Time Management

Time Management – How to deal with ‘Time Robbers’

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The Leadership Challenge Webinars

LPI 360 – A Leader’s First Step to Achieving the Extraordinary

The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership –An Introduction to the Leadership Challenge

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HR Forum Webinars

HR Forum – Managing Health Issues

HR Forum – Sickness Absence

HR Forum – Equal Pay & Gender Pay Gap

HR Forum – Religious Discrimination

HR Forum – Disability Discrimination and Obesity

HR Forum: Transgender Law – Past, Present and Future

HR Forum: Who can work in the UK – Understand the UK Immigration Categories

HR Forum – Holiday Pay Claim

HR […]

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The Leadership Challenge: Ten Commitment of Leadership

Might be possible to teach about Leadership? The answer is “Yes”.

Kouzes and Posner – authors of The Leadership Challenge – have been working on this area for more than 30 years and they still believe that we have assumed management is the only skill in which we can be trained. That’s why, there are a […]

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