Set (SMART) Objectives for the Year Ahead, Not Resolutions

///Set (SMART) Objectives for the Year Ahead, Not Resolutions

The new year usually calls for a set of new resolutions (that rarely make it past January) so this year set yourself objectives that you have the potential to achieve and know that you’ll stick to.

It is certain that many of you will have started experiencing the usual sheer level of motivation and perseverance that peaks around this time of the year. Resolutions tend to focus more on things one should restrain themselves from rather than what a person should aim to strive for in the new year. Therefore this time around, you should aim to set solid, attainable goals that will fill the year with a sense of accomplishment, purpose and gratification.

Whether your objectives are about health, work or relates to your personal life – most people will be unsure of where to begin. You should ask yourself – What do I want to achieve? How will I achieve this? Do I have the measures to achieve it? How long to achieve these objectives?

The SMART model will guide you to set clear attainable objectives for the year ahead.

Specific – Set yourself clear goals focused on a specific development area – weekly targets are a good way of gradually obtaining an end result!

Measurable – Make sure you are able to measure the progress of your goal attainment in a clear-cut way: Effort in = Results OUT

Attainable – Why set a goal that cannot be achieved? If you’re looking for a sense of accomplishment, aim for something you know will be able to attain!

Realistic – As mentioned above, it is important to set realistic goals that are within your capabilities, and are manageable within the time frame you have set yourself.

Time – How do we get our motivation and productivity pumping? By setting deadlines! Give yourself realistic deadlines for achieving your goals and making sure working towards them!

By following this model, you should be able to set yourself a set of objectives that you will work towards in the new year. In order to remain motivated to work towards your objectives remember to keep it simple – by simplifying you will avoid distraction or interference with your other objectives and monitoring your progress – Managing your progress will ensure that performing accordingly to your aspirations, discover new areas for improvement and keep you focused.

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