The biggest fear for a salesman is to face up the phone calls. Seems to be the biggest monster to fight and without any hesitation it always wins the battle? Well, it is main fear not only for sales people it is to everyone exposed to receive a “no” after a call. A negative answer doesn’t help at all but just only with perseverance we can convert this into  new customers. Maybe, sales training is an option?

Calls sales are a long path to walk in which we see frustration and desperation. Yet for those who are willing to follow it purposes and are willing to put themselves in a position to be rejected they could have a nice journey. For those who are willing to walk on it, find that a “no” means “it’s not the time” or “today, didn’t work”. With the right attitude and learning from the experience we will discover why didn’t work at that time, and how we have to do next time. It is very convenient as well, to analyse the situation in order to benefit from it.

With some adjustment we will see that we have more sales and we lower the rejected calls.

  1. Design the speech: we can obtain productive sales calls without a previous knowledge of what we are going to say. Don’t make a hard speech difficult to understand or boring, even for the interlocutor. Try to make it participative and a bit creative.
  2. Schedule a meeting: Try to get your objective. If is a meeting try to schedule it. If you see your potential customer is interested then be confident and gather all sorts of information you need to create a solid presentation for the following meeting. You need to be prepared.
  3. Follow up: Either you schedule a meeting or you didn’t. you need to follow this up. It’s necessary to maintain the contact with your potential customer. Get some answers about of this follow up. Maybe your potential client don’t want your product for any personal reason or any value, for example, and if is the case, you will know the necessary information to persuade him and convert it into a real customer in the future. And don’t forget to make your customer feel loved!.

Have you ever thought about Sales Training?

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