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Sales and Client Relationship Management

Masterclass has pioneered sales training, client relationship management and business development coaching for 20 years. Providers in expert training, coaching and mentoring programmes, tailored to meet your needs. Organisation performance and productivity development.

“Until someone sells something, nothing happens!” Henry Ford.

At Masterclass, we’ve been pioneering sales training, client relationship and business development coaching for 20 years. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses grow revenue, profits and market share using “direct” sales channels – business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) as well as “indirect” and channel sales.

Customers want sales people who understand their needs and concerns and are motivated to serve and support them. Gone are the days of peddling “snake oil”, sales “pitching” or pressing “the hard close”. Today’s buyers protest that as many as 3 out of 4 sales meetings make little or no progress – simply because of a lack of skill on the part of the sales person.

Today’s top sales performers combine real business acumen with exceptional communication skills. Through effective questioning and listening they build trust at every level within their customers’ organisations. Their referral rates are high because they truly understand the importance of delivering value, contribution and a return on investment. They are genuinely seen as “trusted advisors”.