Not only sales brings success. Success is always related to many other facts a bit less untouchable, precise and more emotional, as happiness, desires or even frustrations. Those adjectives are the symptom of how our customer feels either when they see our produce on a TV add or a post on Facebook. It describes their experience with our products; their satisfaction after trying it and their opinion, which after all, is the most valuable thing. Knowing our customer brings much more about how should be our company than we used to think.

In a world in which our competitor is a click away from us, we are surrounded by a huge amount of companies’ messages in everywhere with, sometimes, a better customer experience, we need to think beyond and we need to clarify some other aspect of our company need to improve. Why others and not me? When we still need to fight and invade our potential customer’s privacy calling them daily during the morning and afternoons and instead of engaging them we are just annoying them.

When we ask “Why others and not me?” our customer said “A better customer experience…”
What that means?

It means that their customers are happier and they have the desire of buying their products – Such a bad news for us! But it is not only means that. It is much more. It is that they really care about them and they really engage them.
So we have to make sure that we are not only selling the best product of the market, we have to build as well a strong and powerful brand based on honesty in an attempt to convert leads.

How to build loyalty customers?

  • Learn as much about your different customer segments as you can. This is essential. We can’t carry out as a strategy without identifying our target. It something must be done! Our target is practically everything we need to care about if we want to communicate successfully our message. What they are doing? What they want to do? Are mostly female or male? Or how old are they generally? Without knowing how our customer is we can’t create a communication strategy.
  • Develop a brand: this aspect is mandatory too. We need to build our own company personality so that our customers can identify with us being more likely to remain loyal. It makes us being more consistent and it helps us in creating our company reputation. Doesn’t matter if is on-line or off-line.
  • Communicate. A brand without a bidirectional communication is dead. Well, is not that extreme, but having feedback in a way or another is indispensable otherwise the company will spread their message interacting itself. Having a high -qualified customer service and the proper tools to advertise our message will be essential.