Have you ever been asked about your emotional intelligence in an interview?

Does your profession reflect how emotionally skilled you are?

Would you label someone as ‘unintelligent’ if they had an excellent IQ, but a poor EQ?

Emotional intelligence is our ability to recognise, understand and manage our own emotions to help improve our relationships with ourselves and others. It is a fundamental skill required for many working environments and of course, it is an important proficiency to have to ensure the functioning of our everyday lives. Emotional intelligence has become increasingly valued in today’s society and it’s questionable whether it is in fact, more important than IQ. But how is this so?

Emotional intelligence has been found to…

  • Determine professional success four times more than IQ (Feist & Barron, 1996).
  • Improve your leadership qualities and your chances of becoming a successful leader.
  • Determine your job performance and success:

Ø  90% of top performers have high EI

Ø  High performing managers were found to show more warmth, were closer to others and were more open to sharing thoughts and feelings than low performing managers (Kouzes & Posner).

  •    Influence your earning capacity:

Ø  People with high EI can earn up to $29,000 more than those with low EI!                        (http://www.eiconsortium.org/index.html).

  •    Influence how hard employees work:

Ø  We’re more likely to work harder for the people we like!

  •    Influence mental health and social behaviour:

Ø  Individuals with antisocial personality disorder and psychopathic traits are less able to detect and recognise emotions such as sadness, distress and fear, thus making them less empathetic and more malevolent (Deeley et al. 2006).

Ø  Individuals with depression, anxiety and eating disorders have trouble regulating and labelling their emotions, which in turn, can magnify their problems.

  •  … and perhaps most importantly, it determines our relationships with others and our behaviour in the social world!

Now let me ask you, what do you use more on a daily basis, your IQ or your EQ? As we are able to grow and develop our EI, surely this means that it is more influential and powerful than our IQ?

Recently an article was posted on LinkedIn disputing that emotional intelligence is overrated. Give it a read for yourself here.

I agree that certain professions require a greater EI capacity than others, and of course IQ is an essential prerequisite for many jobs, but I do think it is important to consider just how powerful emotional intelligence can be, not just in the workplace, but in society in general.

Here is another great argument to consider: Read more.

So what do you think? Is emotional intelligence more important than IQ? Is it more powerful and influential in today’s society? Should businesses be assessing EQ when recruiting new employees? Can emotional intelligence be dangerous?

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Author: Megan Lazenby, Online Marketing, Masterclass Training