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26 Jun 2017
09:00 - 17:00


You know them when you see them – The person everyone notices when they take their first steps into a room. A natural leader. Is it witchcraft, or perhaps just a combination of simple body language tricks you yourself can master.

Duration:   2 Days │ 26th & 27th June 2017


This programme is designed to develop the required “powerful presence” to operate as exemplary communicators and leaders within the business – communicating with maximum impact and influence so that people are inspired to want to work with them and be motivated to go beyond what is seen as the “norm”. It will provide them with the skills and techniques to be able to communicate in powerful and effective ways – be that in face to face situations, via emails or briefings, in external meetings, or when working cross functionally with colleagues.

Learning Outcomes

  • Communicate with impact – with clients, colleagues, cross functional teams
  • Understand the importance of “emotional intelligence” when communicating – clear how to balance logic and emotion
  • Persuade and influence in a range of business situations – through language and non-verbal communication
  • Handle questions in presentations, engage the audience and create participation
  • Develop greater rapport and build stronger relationships – to benefit themselves, their teams, and the business
  • Ask powerful questions and listen deeply to understand others
  • Identify a new business opportunity, create a compelling business case, draft an executive summary and present it powerfully and persuasively
  • Demonstrate a “powerful presence” in all they do – achieving through behaviours, practices and communication an inspirational style of engagement
  • Hold the room with their “powerful presence”

Delegates will receive feedback from the facilitators as well as from their colleagues, and develop their own personal action and development plan to work towards the above aims.

They will practice a number of different communications / presentations on subjects with which they are familiar and with others they are not. They will be encouraged to step outside of their “comfort zone”, trying out new techniques and approaches – this programme is very much a journey of discovery, sometimes an emotional one.



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