27 Apr 2017
11:00 - 11:30

“Being an Internal Consultant”

Would YOU describe yourself as a ‘Consultant’? Quite possibly not!  And yet, ask yourself …

Do you partner with other teams and departments to implement new ways of working?

Are you involved in supporting projects across disciplines?

Are you actively driving change in your organisation and working with teams to achieve this?

You might well be an Internal Consultant…

Increasingly our work involves consulting – be that with colleagues, other teams and departments. It might be across locations, across continents, face to face or virtual.  This might be as an HR Business Partner, an IT or Security specialist, a Procurement Specialist or a role in project support, finance, business services, marketing or administration.

Masterclass has developed our unique programme – Being an Internal Consultant – to address the challenges you face and provide you with the skills you need. Having developed consulting skills training for some of the largest global firms as well as boutique and niche providers we now bring these skills to you,  them accessible to everyone directly or indirectly working in consulting.

 “Being an Internal Consultant”  looks at:

  • The role of an internal consultant and the traits and behaviours to be successful
  • How to build rapport with increased professionalism and credibility
  • How to develop your consulting skills to uncover business needs and understanding
  • What you can do to really demonstrate understanding with your “client”
  • How to deliver value based propositions

Using the research and work of acknowledged experts such as Peter Block and Ed Stein, we now have a one hour webinar available for you to access.

To see if this webinar or an in house programme would be relevant for you, join us at our 20 minute FREE session on 27th April .


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