Presenting could sometimes cause some troubles on our self-esteem and could be so struggling that in some cases we  couldn’t face it up. It is not fear is even beyond it. “Presenting” plays with us impeding doing normal activities as doing a presentation on a meeting making us having such a horrible time and let us increase some kind of feeling very negative as “embarrassing”, but embarrassing on ourselves. Definitely, Presenting is not our ally.

Not everything is black or white, though. Digging in deep, perhaps we could be less extreme. But if we have tried to be a bit more objective and we tried to leave apart this big fear we might spend a nice time and could be very proud of us. But unfortunately “I can’t get over it”. If is the case, one of the best options is to confront it by some sort of  Training.

Here at Masterclass we have high specialists on this area. Isobel has been training for more than 20 years and she has been working with private and public sector clients and is a popular speaker at conferences and events including the HR Forum, Baptie & Co, Institute of Management Consultants and Women in Business. That’s why she led a “Presenting with Impact” webinar.

Today, we have been running a short session in which we gave some advises on how to be less intimidated about the concept of talking in public and how to start enjoining it. We feel very happy for  such a good results.

See some comments about our latest webinar “Presenting with Impact”:

“Very valuable presentation, some useful tips delivered by an expert” – (Chris Player)

“ I thought this was really good for a half hour session. I am definitely going to try the video technique and practice now. Some really useful tips!”  – (Elly Smith)

“I found the training really useful as I suffer with nerves when presenting. I am getting better (slowly!) and I am sure these tips will help me with my next presentation.”  – (Liz Ives)

If you want to improve your Communication Skills Masterclass is your place!