Taking Talent & Succession Planning to New Heights.

Bristow Group Inc is the world’s largest, most reliable and prestigious helicopter service for the oil and gas sector. It is understandably proud of its reputation as a provider of the safest and most efficient helicopter transportation, maintenance, search and rescue, aviation support and training services.

To maintain that reputation Bristow knows how important it is to attract and retain the highest calibre people. To make sure they had the right people in the right places at the right time they needed to make some changes. First, they wanted to ensure that they provided the right development opportunities for their own engineers and secondly they wanted to improve the quality of people management through a more rigorous selection process.

One of their key roles is that of Chief Engineer. In some of their more remote locations, the Chief Engineer is the most senior and sometimes the only manager presence. So not only does he/she need to have first class technical skills he needs to have sound judgement, leadership and technical skills. So first they put in place a programme to identify potential Chief Engineers, secondly they invested in a rigorous assessment process and from that were able to design and deliver a bespoke programme to bring each candidate up to the level of skill required.

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