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Bespoke Training: Does the future of business lie in soft skills?

When you hear the term‘soft skills’, what comes to mind?
Easy skills that can be acquired by everyone? Simple life hacks that are of little importance? A way to describe skills that are not strong enough to have an impact in the business world?

Soft skills are worth £88 billion to the UK economy and unless these […]

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Is Motivation Enough to Succeed?

“To win customers – and a bigger share of the market place – companies must first win the hearts and minds of their employees.”

Human motivation is a tough nut to crack; there’s no ‘one fits all’ policy as we all have different attitudes, beliefs, goals and interests, and most of the time, if we cannot […]

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Set Goals For The Year Ahead

A New Year calls for many beginnings; a fresh start, a wealth of new opportunities, and the potential to transform your life for the better (well, for January at least!). As many of you will have experienced, our level of motivation and perseverance is probably at its peak in the early months of a new […]

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Kevin Alboni pens second report for Benchmark event

Following on from his report from The Leadership Challenge, Kevin has written another piece on the recent conference, From Adversity to Breakthrough Performance

After a successful first report, following up onThe Leadership Challenge event in September, Kevin was invited back to attend and pen another piece on the conference, From Adversity to Breakthrough Performance: Embracing a […]

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Isobel and Martin Rimmer fundraise for Maggie’s Centre

The pair took part in Maggie’s Centre Night Hike last week

Isobel and Martin spent Friday 21 September night doing the Maggie’s Centre Night Hike. It was a very uplifting and emotional evening and brilliantly organised by all the great people at Maggie’s.

They took part in the hike in memory of Isobel’s niece, Izzy Fletcher, previously […]

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Kevin Alboni’s report featured on Benchmark For Business

After attending The Leadership Challenge conference, Kevin penned a post-conference report

Kevin attended the The Leadership Challenge event, with Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner, in London on 19 September. Following the event, he wrote up a report documenting his experience at the conference, which provides an interesting insight into the day. Since writing his report, Kevin […]

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William’s Fund

William’s Fund was established in 2001 and has since been raising money for the Childhood Cancer Research Fund, raising over half a million pounds to date. Find out how to help make a difference.
William’s Fund
Help Save the Lives of Thousands of Children

William’s Fund was established in 2001 in commemoration of William Dodd, whose young life […]

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Ask Izzy

All sorts of different queries come in about training and personal development. Here are two that appeared recently in the magazine:

“I am keen to develop a leadership initiative into our organisation. The current structure is very “hierarchical” and I am concerned that the current CEO is from the school of thought that believes “leaders are […]

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Women on Board

Women on Board is a UK initiative to help to address and improve the gender balance at Board and Executive levels. Through coaching, mentoring and support networks we help women achieve their potential and redress the balance.

Women on Board is a community that aims to

Raise awareness and support for women on Boards
Lobby for skills-based selection […]

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Effective Management and Leadership Skills – Priming the Probationers

The importance of effective Leadership and Management Skills during times of change.
With increasing pressure on the Probation Service to perform and meet stringent targets, the demands on management are many. Furthermore, constant change within the service has induced an element among staff of “change fatigue” – placing yet more pressure.

The aim of the Masterclass programme […]

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