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The Leadership Challenge: Ten Commitment of Leadership

Might be possible to teach about Leadership? The answer is “Yes”.

Kouzes and Posner – authors of The Leadership Challenge – have been working on this area for more than 30 years and they still believe that we have assumed management is the only skill in which we can be trained. That’s why, there are a […]

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Leadership and the importance of our voice tone

“Leadership, is it not something about me, it’s something about us”

Based on the “TED Ideas worth spreading” we decipher some keys about what is and what someone needs to become a great leader. The mere fact of being honest, kind or genuinely someone who wants your best is a good candidate to lead.  “Leadership is […]

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Sales Training Tips to achieve productive sales calls

The biggest fear for a salesman is to face up the phone calls. Seems to be the biggest monster to fight and without any hesitation it always wins the battle? Well, it is main fear not only for sales people it is to everyone exposed to receive a “no” after a call. A negative answer […]

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The importance of Loyal Customers: How to make successful sales?

Not only sales brings success. Success is always related to many other facts a bit less untouchable, precise and more emotional, as happiness, desires or even frustrations. Those adjectives are the symptom of how our customer feels either when they see our produce on a TV add or a post on Facebook. It describes their experience […]

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Staging & Communication Skills: All what we need to Present with Impact

Presenting could sometimes cause some troubles on our self-esteem and could be so struggling that in some cases we  couldn’t face it up. It is not fear is even beyond it. “Presenting” plays with us impeding doing normal activities as doing a presentation on a meeting making us having such a horrible time and let […]

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Coaching and Mentoring: The GROW model

‘Coaching is arguably the most powerful method for developing managers’ capacity for leadership.’

Coaching and mentoring are a process that enables to reach a person’s full potential. In the same way, is a group of development techniques focus on enhancing individual’s skills.

So then, what coaching and mentoring cover? And why those techniques could be so powerful?

The […]

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Bespoke Training: Does the future of business lie in soft skills?

When you hear the term‘soft skills’, what comes to mind?
Easy skills that can be acquired by everyone? Simple life hacks that are of little importance? A way to describe skills that are not strong enough to have an impact in the business world?

Soft skills are worth £88 billion to the UK economy and unless these […]

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Is Motivation Enough to Succeed?

“To win customers – and a bigger share of the market place – companies must first win the hearts and minds of their employees.”

Human motivation is a tough nut to crack; there’s no ‘one fits all’ policy as we all have different attitudes, beliefs, goals and interests, and most of the time, if we cannot […]

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Set Goals For The Year Ahead

A New Year calls for many beginnings; a fresh start, a wealth of new opportunities, and the potential to transform your life for the better (well, for January at least!). As many of you will have experienced, our level of motivation and perseverance is probably at its peak in the early months of a new […]

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Kevin Alboni pens second report for Benchmark event

Following on from his report from The Leadership Challenge, Kevin has written another piece on the recent conference, From Adversity to Breakthrough Performance

After a successful first report, following up onThe Leadership Challenge event in September, Kevin was invited back to attend and pen another piece on the conference, From Adversity to Breakthrough Performance: Embracing a […]

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